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Are you looking to do any home additions or renovations to your existing home? You came to the right place. Azcad Design has extensive experience designing plans for home remodels and room additions for many of the valley homes. Our goal is to have the final product of the renovation to look like it was always part of the original home design. We enjoy the challenge of the design and creating the ultimate look. We take on every Arizona home addition, remodel, or renovation, as if it was for our own home.

Enclosing a garage or patio can add some great value to a home and help if you have extended family moving in. If you enclose a garage then you can always build a detached garage or do a garage addition. This is a cheap way to increase square footage fast.

When doing a room addition or home addition, you must think of the end goal in mind. Will this home addition add to the value and make it easier for resale. Second, does the flow of the home layout make sense with the new room addition? Third, you must consider the material and cost. Other things to consider are the building setbacks. Building setbacks are imaginary lines that the city or county has set for your property and will not allow you to build over. Also the city or county may have a lot coverage percentage that only allows you to cover your lot with a certain amount of building. You can call the cities Building and Safety Department or Planning Department and find out this information for your lot. Azcad Design will meet with you and help you with this information. Contact AZCAD Design today.


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